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Secrets to Creating That Coveted Origami Flower Bouquet

If you have paper folding skills, you can showcase it using an origami flower bouquet. Plan a bouquet by using single flowers that you may have at your disposal.Below are things you need to know about origami flowers:

Plan the bouquet

Plan an origami flowers bouquet for an elegant but simple element in your home. Surprisingly, advanced origami folders can make great wedding bouquets designs by use of their stems, flowers, and leaves.

Bouquets in a vase against a wall do not necessarily require flowers around the bouquet. You only require filling in green leaves to enhance a flat back.

Flower fashions

The style of flower you wish to make is highly determined by the skills you have and what you want to match with your home decor. Everyone can have a chance to make their designs as there are once such as money origami flowers which as very simple to make. But it may take you time to learn how to create roses with open petals.

Modular flowers comprises of several pieces of origami to come up with a whole figure. Modular flowers are a combination of several pieces of origami combined to make a complete bouquet. These modular flowers require patience, hard work, and advanced skills to make something elegant.

Origami Flower Bouquet Paper

Origami flower bouquets require keenness in paper choice.The specific outlook and appearance that you prefer for the bouquet will be facilitated by the paper color and texture.

The flower heads and also stems in color found in mother nature will always be found in any apparent realistic bouquets.Double sided papers should be used. The double sided paper can have orange and yellow or light pink with dark pink. This should be for the purpose to mimic the real color of the divers flowers. The color that you should use should be complementary like lilac and yellow. Choosing from common family of color is also advisable for consideration when choosing paper colors for a bouquet. This means you can consider mauve, bright pink, scarlet red, and pastel pink.

Exploring the liberty of extremely contrasting colors is also something to consider. The colors in this should actually be the exact opposite of the natural flower’s state. What will be achieved in this is a creation of a display popping out from the surrounding decor.It will not matter if it is on an end table or even in a vase.

Metallic colored bouquets are another way to create a striking visual effect.It is important to look for a professional to help you when create a bouquet using origami flowers.

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