Tourist Attractions to Visit for Your Trip to Makassar

Going on vacation becomes an emerging essential need for those who live in big cities due to its hectic and stressful atmosphere. By having a vacation, you can relieve stress from your body and mind. Makassar is a city in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, that you can choose for your vacation destination. There are a lot of tourist attraction to visit during your trip to Makassar and we will elaborate some of them for you.

The list below will give a brief review about some of the popular tourist destinations in Makassar that you can visit during your vacation.

  • Museum Balla Lompa: back then on the 13th century, South Sulawesi was ruled by Gowa Kingdom, one among the most respected and successful kingdoms in Sulawesi. Museum Balla Lompa, a former palace of the kingdom, is a place where you can learn about their history. This museum was constructed on pillars with plank floors and walls. The architecture has the indigenous Buginese design which boast unique ambience the place. You can even try some of Gowanese clothes and take pictures. The entrance fee is free, so no need to spend money to enjoy this educational trip.
  • Spermonde Archipelago: this archipelago consists of a chain of more than 115 islands from the Makassar’s west, south, and north coast. Most of these islands are still uninhabited, while a small part of these islands are developed for tourism purpose, which are constantly visited by tourist. The first is Samolana Island. This island is the center of beautiful coral reefs for unforgettable snorkeling experience. The second island is Lae-lae Island, a wonderful small island with ruins of Japanese war. This island was used as the Japanese army post during WWI, offering the magnificent remnants where you can capture some wonderful pictures.
  • Bawakaraeng Mountain: literally means as the God’s Mouth, this mountain offers stunning views of nature on Sulawesi Island. For those who love adventure, climbing this mountain is definitely a challenging activity for you. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you can enjoy the contrast landscapes of modern Makassar views with the natural serenity of the sea. Whether you reach the peak at night or day, you will still be greeted with breathtaking sceneries that you cannot forget for the rest of your life.
  • Lake Tanralili: located approximately 2 hours from the center of Makassar by car, this lake is certainly worth the trip. Lake Tanralili is situates at the Bawakaraeng Mountain’s foot, at Lengkese Village to be exact. It is surrounded by Loe Valley, which occurred because of a landslide. The trek to the lake can be quite challenging, so this is another great option for adventure lovers. It may needs extra efforts to arrive at this lake. However, the sceneries it offers once you arrive surely worth all the efforts.

There are still many tourist attractions in Makassar that you can visit if you have more time. But for a short vacation, these places should be enough to represent the beauty offered by the city to make your vacation unforgettable.

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